Persons with developmental disabilities have the same legal rights and responsibilities guaranteed to all other individuals by the United States Constitution and Laws and the Constitution and Laws of the State of California.

Care providers often find themselves filling many roles – caregiver, therapist, chef, chauffeur, tutor, and the list can go on and on. One of the most powerful and important roles a care provider can play, however, is that of an advocate. Magellan Residential Care understands that an advocate is a person that publicly and tirelessly fights for a cause or an individual.

As a provider of Residential Care in Perris, California, who spends more time with our residents than any other of their contacts, Magellan Residential Care will strive to get to know our consumers as best as possible and will advocate for their preferred lives. As they begin to transition into a lower level of care, it is important to pass these advocacy skills on. Teaching consumers how to be their own will empower them by learning how to self-advocate. They will have the knowledge needed for success and will be able to participate in decisions that are made about their life.

In addition to teaching our clients self-determination, the staff at Magellan Residential Care looks to build self-advocacy skills through training and should provide and promote decision-making activities for the consumers throughout the day i.e. timing of events and personal choices.

Woman with a disability develop playing a game

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Magellan Residential Care is to foster our own quality care for each client by providing services and resources for their overall well-being.

quality care

  • Participation in existing advocacy groups.
  • Assist with voter registration and election materials.
  • Nutritional lunches will be provided for their Day Program.
  • Transportation to all medical and dental appointments.

life skills

  • Empathetic approach and form trusting relationships.
  • Counseling and discussion in improving the quality of life.
  • Encourage consumer and family involvement.