Common Myths and Stereotypes About Autism


Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of the most misconstrued conditions. The more people have these misconceptions, the more it will be hard for them to understand the truths about the said syndrome.

This is why we, a Residential Care in Perris, California, would like to break some myths and stereotypes about people with special needs.

  • All autistic people look and do the same.
    Although some do not look like one, a person can categorize in the spectrum with an assessment. And even when they have similarities, they have different interests, perspectives, and levels of intelligence, just like us.
  • People with special needs cannot do tasks.
    This claim is certainly untrue. You will be surprised by how many people under Disability Care in California can perform well in many tasks and even have jobs.
  • People with autism cannot raise a family.
    People with special needs can also engage in relationships and sexual activities. Like us, they also have feelings. They can establish happy homes and have children. Who else can understand the needs of a person in the spectrum other than a parent who is in the same case himself, right?
  • They are all violent.
    Not at all. Many people with autism in our Adult Care are sweet, kind, and sympathetic.

We must learn to understand people with disabilities and conditions. We must not treat and see them differently from us and avoid stereotyping. Magellan Residential Care believes that people, regardless of their situations, should live with mutual respect. And that is one way to help them live freely and happily in our society.

Should you need Respite Care for your loved one with special needs, do not hesitate to call us at 951-238-1008 or 951-570-2695.

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