Decoding the Aggression of Adults with ASD


Many reasons cause aggressive behavior in people with autism. Sensory overload can usually trigger. Upset stomach and other medical conditions also do.

Adults with ASD can experience difficulties communicating their needs, understanding what’s being said to them, and understanding other people’s facial expressions and body language. They are hindrances in receiving disability care in California. These can cause considerable frustration and anxiety, which may result in anger or distressed behavior.

However, when these underlying issues are properly addressed, challenging behaviors may decrease or even disappear altogether, significantly improving your loved one’s quality of life at the residential home.

Remember, behavior is a form of communication. It is up to us, their family, friends, and respite care providers to decode what adults with autism are trying to communicate to us. That way, we can solve the issues one at a time and help our loved ones overcome their anger and frustration.

Choosing the right environment for your loved one is crucial. And we at Magellan Residential Care are here to provide them with a happy and comfortable home. Inquire now about our residential care in Perris, California.

Dial 951-238-1008 or 951-610-6014 to learn more about our adult homes. We are always open to inquiries.

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