How to be an Ally to People with Autism

How to be an Ally to People with Autism

In recent years, people in the autism spectrum have grown in numbers and need of proper disability care in California. However, families of people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder struggle to find the best-supported living for them when they grow older.

Adults living with autism deserve to have a dignified living situation especially for those who have cognitive challenges. This is what Magellan Residential Care is trying to address—providing them with the care they deserve and the respite care that you need.

As a provider of residential care in Perris, California, we see to it that adults living with autism have dignified means of living. Our caregivers are their allies and advocates in helping them learn self-determination and preservation.

Here are simple tips on how you can be their ally:

  • Educate yourself about autism. It’s a neurodevelopmental disorder and not a disease. It’s not contagious so they do not deserve to be discriminated against because of it.
  • Join in the conversation about autism. Actively steer the discussion to one that’s focused on the perspective of people with autism.
  • Don’t mock them if they seem to show too much interest in certain topics. You can try to talk to them about it—they’ll love it.
  • Listen to their stories and ask the right questions. They may not have the answer for everything, but hear them out.
  • Avoid making assumptions, leave all stereotypes behind, and be their friend. This is the most important one of all.

For more information on care options for those on the spectrum, like adult homes, please give us a call.

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