Notable Benefits of Residential Care


Residential care services can be an excellent care option for adults with developmental disabilities and senior citizens. Services are designed to help improve their overall quality of life, independence, and comfort, improving the standards of their day-to-day lives.

We offer residential care in Perris, California, and here are some notable benefits of this beautiful care option you may not have known about:

  • It Encourages Regular Social Interactions

    Regular socialization can help reduce the risk of depression, anxiety, and stress in adults with developmental disability and senior citizens. Social interactions can also reduce the risk of dementia in seniors. Residential care providers encourage social interactions through companionship services and organizing social events with other residents.

  • It Provides Daily Living Assistance

    Developmental disabilities can make performing essential daily living activities difficult for some adults. Residential care facilities assist with daily living activities, including meal preparation, housekeeping assistance, and personal care services.

  • It Teaches Residents Important Life Skills and Lessons

    To help adults with developmental disabilities, residential care facilities, and their staff provide patient education and assistance, teaching residents independent living skills and more. These skills can also help clients achieve self-determination and self-empowerment.

  • It Provides Respite Services to Family and Primary Caregivers

    Respite care provides family and primary caregivers with a short break from their responsibilities by assisting their loved ones. Taking a break also helps reduce the risks of caregiver burnout.

For more information about residential care, call Magellan Residential Care at 951-238-1008. Services you could expect from us include residential care and disability care in California.


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