Racism and Its Effects on the Accessibility of Care

Racism and Its Effects on the Accessibility of Care

There is a long-standing history of racism in the United States that people then and now have had a problem eliminating. It’s been ingrained into many parts of society – laws, practices, traditions, and even the Adult Care systems.

This prejudice poses a huge risk to the safety and health of minorities throughout the nation, and here is why.

Financial instability has often been blamed for the disparities seen in Adult Residential Care. But there are bigger and more insidious forces at play – the association between socioeconomic status and access to proper Residential Care in Perris, California is no less dependent on race.

According to a survey, a black mother with a master’s degree looking for reliable Disability Care in California for her child is far less likely to get assistance than a white mother with less than an eighth-grade education. The difference we see is completely unrelated to their socioeconomic status. Many studies show that racial minorities report unfair treatment more frequently in higher socioeconomic groups than lower ones.

At Magellan Residential Care, we ensure that all residents in our homes are treated with respect and fairness. Our caregivers will serve them with nothing but love and compassion, so that they may live a better and more fruitful life in our facility.

We also provide quality Respite Care services for caregivers who are looking for a day off.

For more information about our Adult Homes and other services, contact us here.

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