Tips to Improve Nutrition in People With Disabilities

Tips to Improve Nutrition in People With Disabilities

Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet is important for everyone. But for people with disabilities, it is even more so because they are usually at higher risk of developing various diseases. Furthermore, if they are not receiving disability care in California, they may be limited when it comes to food choices, preparing meals, or exercising.

Since March is named the National Nutrition Month, we at Magellan Residential Care have compiled some tips to help you live healthier through good eating habits and making the right food choices. Here are some of them.

  • Read about foods that are good and bad for you
  • Include plenty of variety in your diet to know your preference
  • Always read food labels and learn proper food preparation
  • Remember to stay hydrated and learn portion control
  • Consider getting residential care in Perris, California

If you’re looking for a provider of adult residential care who you can trust to take your nutrition needs into consideration, you can rely on us. We’ll make sure that you’re getting a diet that meets your daily dietary requirements. And we’ll also ensure to help you avoid snacking on junk foods and sugary treats.

For information about our meal preparation and respite care services, call us.

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