Transitioning to Residential Care: What to Expect?


Deciding to move a loved one into an adult residential care facility can be a challenging journey filled with mixed emotions. Understanding what to expect during this significant transition can alleviate these feelings.

  • Professional care at different levels: Residential care facilities provide several care levels, ranging from assistance with daily activities to intensive medical support. It’s essential to maintain open communication lines with the staff to ensure your loved one’s needs are adequately met.
  • Tailored services: Facilities should offer services attuned to residents’ unique needs. This includes disability care in California, where amenities and routines are adapted to the specific disabilities of residents.
  • A structured routine: Most residential care homes have a fixed schedule for meals, activities, and therapy sessions. Initially, adapting could be challenging, but with encouragement and continued support, your loved one will adjust.
  • Opportunities for socialization: Besides providing care, these facilities foster an environment where residents can socialize and form connections. However, remember that developing relationships is a process that requires patience and time.
  • Bracing for changes: Moving into adult residential care in Perris, California, is a significant step that can bring lifestyle changes for your loved one. Anticipate changes in their daily routine and surroundings. Remember, while these changes can initially be daunting, they usually lead to a more managed and supportive living condition, promoting overall well-being in the long run.

At Magellan Residential Care, we recognize the kind of support required during this significant life transition. Our devoted team develops exemplary care services, including respite care, tailored to every resident’s needs.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our bespoke services that cater to your loved ones in their new home.

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