A Clean Environment for Individuals with Disabilities


Keeping a clean and organized living space is essential for individuals with developmental disabilities, which is why it is a fundamental part of disability care in California. An untidy environment can only increase their anxiety levels, cause sensory overload, and even lead to accidents.

On the other hand, a neat environment can promote relaxation, boost self-esteem, and provide a sense of control. It can also improve hygiene and reduce the spread of illness. By maintaining a clean and organized space, individuals with developmental disabilities can experience improved mental and physical health, while caregivers can provide better care.

In our adult residential care, cleanliness is a top priority. We understand the importance of providing a safe and healthy living environment for our tenants. We also believe that a clean living environment promotes a sense of comfort, security, and relaxation for our tenants.

Our commitment to cleanliness in our residential care in Perris, California reflects our dedication to providing exceptional care and support to those who call our residential facility their home.

Magellan Residential Care is dedicated to providing exceptional care to your loved ones, while also giving family caregivers the opportunity to utilize our respite care services. Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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