Addressing the Dietary Needs of Seniors


Are you aware that as we age, our lean body mass and metabolic rate decrease? As a result, the body cannot absorb some vitamins and minerals adequately. Seniors may need more than younger individuals because they may eat less and have reduced caloric needs. This is something we can help with through our disability care in California.

Nutritional deficits hurt people of all ages. It can happen to people of all ages. The elderly and the seriously ill are two groups who are at risk of micronutrient deficiencies. If caregivers from residential care in Perris, California, do nothing about it, this could eventually result in other health issues for the seniors getting care.

The following vitamin and mineral deficits are the most typical in the world:

  • Iodine
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D

Seniors deficient in a particular nutrient can make up for it by taking dietary supplements. It has several different shapes. People, especially those unable to eat enough to meet their daily nutritional needs, can be fed in a three-meal-a-day service. Our care providers, through our respite care services, can assist them with it.

Our adult care services can help prevent undernutrition by planning, preparing, and cooking healthful meals for seniors. Other patients may have gastrointestinal tubes or intravenous therapy for artificial liquid augmentation.

Magellan Residential Care can help you keep feeding your senior family members. Call us if you have any questions regarding our services; we’ll be pleased to answer them.

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