Addressing Sleep Issues for a Loved One with Autism


If you live with a loved one with autism, then you know that they often wake in the middle of the night or find it difficult to fall asleep immediately. According to Spectrum, poor sleep quality can affect and worsen certain features of their condition, such as repetitive behaviors.

Autistic individuals are also known to have insomnia. It takes them 11 minutes longer to fall asleep compared to most people. Some also tend to develop apnea, a sleeping disorder that stops breathing several times during the night.

We sleep to restore our body, but for people with autism, sleep may be less restorative. They spend 15 percent of their sleeping time in the REM cycle, which is crucial for retaining memory and learning skills. This information supports the fact that poor sleep can affect an individual’s social skills and may do poorly at school or at work.

Magellan Residential Care provides adult residential care dedicated to improving the overall wellness of our residents under the spectrum. As professionals, we understand that most autistic individuals suffer from gastrointestinal issues, ADHD, anxiety, and sensory sensitivities. These conditions can affect sleep quality due to pain and hypersensitivity to their surroundings.

Our residential care in Perris, California, ensures that our residents get to stay comfortable at night. We address nightly concerns by letting them receive personalized care that addresses their needs.

Through appropriate and ongoing disability care in California, we ensure their safety and comfort. Our expert staff works hand in hand with our clients to help them learn tasks and identify modifications to solve social and behavioral problems.

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