The Place for Adults with Developmental Disabilities


Just like most of us, adults living with developmental disabilities have the right to manage their own affairs, like where they will reside and what they want to do. As such, they need to learn essential life skills to accomplish their goals.

However, learning these skills may be difficult for them. Acquiring and retaining information are different for all of us. So, some might require extra help to learn independent daily living skills effectively.

Here’s where our adult homes come in.

Magellan Residential Care, a provider of residential care in Perris, California, can help care for adults with developmental disabilities. Our team employs the right techniques and teaching methods to help our residents experience various activities of daily living. Here, they are guaranteed to receive the following services:

  • Independent daily living skills
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Medical and health supports
  • Community-based recreation and leisure
  • Case management and support
  • Intake and needs assessment
  • Transition planning
  • Skills development and training
  • Individualized service planning
  • Recreation and community access

As a home providing disability care in California, we make it a point to assist your loved one’s needs. We have complete amenities to give them the time to learn new skills, interact with staff and fellow residents, as well as receive the care and supervision they need to live independently.

Should they want to apply for a job to earn for themselves, we can help them prepare their skills and hone these abilities. Our dedication is focused on giving them the choice to have fun and live life on their own terms.

With professional care and assistance, we can assure you that your loved one will receive only the best. For more information about our services, including respite care, please feel free to contact us today!

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