Befriending People with Intellectual Disabilities


There are three fundamental guidelines to follow, while talking to people with special needs. Even though they are attentive and accepting, among other things, certainly, they won’t pick up on your energy and will treat you like you are not there. That is how crucial disability care in California can be.

The most trustworthy, hippest, and most amazing persons we come across, can be our beloved folks with intellectual limitations. It’s special to be friends with them, but how do you really become one?

In adult care, here’s what you must do:

  • Speak with them personally rather than through their care attendants if there is anything you’d like to talk about.
  • Avoid speaking to them as though they are dangerous or too weak to support themselves. They want to be treated as equals and would much appreciate it if they were treated like regular people.
  • If you want to communicate with them, change your terminology to be simpler.

It is also beneficial for those with intellectual disabilities to associate with those who share their characteristics because nothing compares to the empathy a peer can provide. So, if you’re looking for top-notch residential care in Perris, California, consider Magellan Residential Care.

We place great importance on mental health care not only for the special individual but even also for their caregiver. That is why we offer respite care, which is why we strive to provide the best support and services possible.

Give us a call if you’re looking for a reliable home healthcare provider. We would be happy to discuss the services we provide with you for the benefit of your family and loved ones.

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