Our Goal: Equal Protection, Care, and Opportunity


Promoting equality has always been a goal in our adult residential care. We think that people should get the appropriate level of assistance for their medical needs, even in the realm of health care. However, this is especially true for those who are unable to complete duties on their own, such as those who require care for developmental disabilities.

No matter their ethnicity, gender, beliefs, or physical ability, everyone deserves the best love and care, according to our disability care in California. We, therefore, made a point of offering our services to those who suffer from intellectual and developmental difficulties.

Their health may prevent them from engaging in several daily tasks, such as seeking medical care. People with intellectual disabilities are nonetheless capable of freedom and a life in the community, however, it’s not entirely achievable. They are also folks with talents, tales, and delight to impart to others. They also deserve to live in a way that enables them to influence others.

The goal of these services for people with intellectual impairments is to make sure that people with developmental disabilities and their families may live regular lives that are typical of the general population. We are qualified and prepared to help our customers make the most of their independence, from helping with housekeeping to teaching practical skills for the workplace and home.

Magellan Residential Care is residential care in Perris, California, that is just a message or phone call away. If you want to know more about our care services for people with intellectual disabilities. During this period of health and economic hardship, we will be more than happy to offer our services and assist families.

For clients who require this service, we also provide respite care.

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