Dealing with Picky Eating In Autistic Adults

Dealing with Picky Eating In Autistic Adults

Picky eating is normal. We all have food and drinks that we avoid like the plague, but this is a huge struggle among people with ASD.

There are many factors why autistic people are picky with food. It could be due to medical conditions, the texture, or even the color of the food.

Magellan Residential Care is here to give out few tips that you can use to convince your autistic loved one to eat:

  • Look into physical problems
    It’s not uncommon for autistic guests here at our Residential Care in Perris, California to avoid eating due to medical issues. This is why we always make sure to collaborate with their doctors to rule out any physical issues.
  • Ease into it
    Even though your loved one is an adult, that doesn’t mean they won’t experience their childhood anxieties as mealtime approaches. Caregivers who specialize in Disability Care in California urge families to help their loved ones relax and wind down before they are given food to eat.
  • Stick to a schedule
    People with autism love predictability and routines. This is why we make sure to follow a strict eating schedule in our Adult Care services. We strongly advise you to do the same.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. Our Respite Care services are here so that you can take your much-needed break. Just give us a call at 915-238-1008 or 951-570-2695 to get in touch!

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