The Common Indicators of Level 3 Autism

The Common Indicators of Level 3 Autism

People with autism should be treated normally. They should feel that they belong and the people surrounding them should let them feel that they are involved. Although it is a known fact that it is sometimes hard to approach them, this should not be a hindrance to becoming friends with them. As adult residential care, we know how hard it can get, but once we know what to do and what not to do, everything will be just fine.

As a provider of disability care in California, most of our residents are individuals with autism. Did you know that there are levels of autism? One of them is level three autism. So how can you indicate that your loved one is on level three? The common symptoms are:

  • Inability to use spoken language
  • Extremely sensitive to crowds, bright lights, loud noises, and other overwhelming scenarios that initially affects their senses
  • They have a lower IQ than a normal to average individual
  • Some have physical symptoms like epilepsy and sleeplessness
  • They tend to have repetitive behaviors, and these are usually violent

Despite the indicators mentioned above, it is still best that the diagnosis is given by licensed experts.

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