Helpful Advices for Epilepsy Caregivers


One in every 26 Americans will get epilepsy over their lifetime, and caring for someone with this illness can be frightening and stressful. Though epilepsy manifests differently for each individual, there are general guidelines that can help you feel more capable and prepared as a caregiver.

Magellan Residential Care, a trusted provider of disability care in California, will provide you with some useful tips for caring for a loved one with epilepsy.

  • Know What to Expect

    Learning more about epilepsy and how it normally manifests in the person you’re caring for is essential for dealing with any type of seizure.

  • Make Communication a Priority

    It’s critical that you communicate well with the individual you’re caring for. When they are frustrated with their illness and symptoms, listen and be encouraging.

  • Safety First

    To avoid harm during a seizure, keep your homes clear of clutter. Also, understand when to call 911. A seizure that lasts longer than 5 minutes, if the person is wounded during the seizure, or a seizure that occurs in water are all emergency symptoms.

  • Take Notes

    Keep a seizure log in which you record facts such as the time and date, the duration of the seizure, and the person’s behavior before and after the seizure.

  • Take Care of Yourself

    Caregivers must take care of themselves. You need to take time for yourself to rest and recharge, no matter how much you care about the person you’re caring for. Please contact us if you require respite care.

If you’re having difficulty caring for an epileptic loved one, you could seek assistance from our residential care in Perris, California. If you partner with us, we can guarantee you high-quality adult care!

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