Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs Residential Care


It’s difficult to endure the responsibility of having to place aging loved ones in adult homes. However, certain circumstances necessitate the need to find an alternative living arrangement for your loved one.

Knowing whether the time is appropriate is different for everyone, but if you notice these indicators, they may require the type of care that can only be offered by residential care in Perris, California.

  • Increased Injuries or Accidents
    If accidents or injuries at home are becoming more common, it may be time to explore adult residential care. The absence of appropriate safety measures at home, such as well-lit walkways, walk-in showers, or wheelchair access, may suggest that a move to a residential care facility is the ideal next step.
  • Noticeable Changes in Appetite
    Forgetting to eat meals, failing to drink enough fluids, and losing appetite are all red flags.
  • Lesser Social Interactions
    If they go to a residential care facility, they may be able to interact with other residents through recreational activities planned just for them, allowing them to form a new social circle.
  • Early Signs of Cognitive Deterioration
    If you see that their forgetfulness is extending to habits like wandering, getting lost, or forgetting mundane things, it may be time to explore residential care.
  • Trouble with Household Upkeep
    Failure to do household duties may indicate that your loved one requires the attention provided by residential care facilities.

Magellan Residential Care provides the everyday assistance our residents require, when they require it, all while assisting them in making the most of their years.

If you’ve been yearning for some much-needed respite care, don’t hesitate to contact us. In addition, we provide disability care in California.

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