Myths You Should be Corrected about Down Syndrome

Myths You Should be Corrected about Down Syndrome

Despite the efforts of parents, teachers, advocates, pediatricians, and other medical and health experts to bring awareness to the truths and facts of Down Syndrome, many are still believing myths rooted in the unknown and fear. So, as a Disability Care in California, it is our responsibility to correct and share with you the truths about Down Syndrome.

Our first myth is “Down Syndrome is contagious.” Nope, Down Syndrome isn’t contagious. As this disorder is a genetic condition, you cannot have Down Syndrome just from getting near, being kind, and socializing with an individual with Down Syndrome. The second myth is that “Individuals with Down Syndrome are always happy.” Another myth. The truth is that, like individuals without Down Syndrome, these individuals also feel various emotions. They also need to take forms of Respite Care for themselves, too, from the feeling they experience.

Our third myth is that “Adults and Children with Down Syndrome are similar.” In the same way, normal adults and children are different, adults and children with Down syndrome are different. Both have different needs, wants, and problems. We must treat them as such in our Homes, schools, offices, and other areas. Not only to destigmatize their condition but also to let them feel like one of us.

Our mission here in Magellan Residential Care is to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental conditions. We guarantee support and guidance for them. But we cannot do this without the help of our community, the society, and every citizen in our country.

Arrange an appointment with our Residential Care in Perris, California, now to know how we can make the lives of people with needs better and brighter.

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