How to Develop the Social Skills of Your Loved One with Autism


Impairment in social functioning is a central feature in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that can have major negative effects on the overall quality of our loved one’s life.

Some of the specific challenges that come with this impairment include difficulty with initiating and responding to conversations, maintaining eye contact, reading the non-verbal cues of others, and taking another person’s perspective, among others.

Fortunately, it is never too late for them to pick up social skills.

As the community’s reputable provider of residential care in Perris, California at Magellan Residential Care, here are some of the ways you can help them develop essential skills for socialization:

  • Practice giving out direct or explicit instructions
  • Be deliberate about creating teachable moments that can be practiced in real life, too
  • Collaborate with their provider of disability care in California, or elsewhere, to develop communication and sensory integration
  • Spend time helping them learn and develop language skills
  • Invest in helping them learn behaviors that are designed to respond and predict crucial social outcomes

All these strategies are helpful, but they must come also come with consistency to make a lasting impact. Consistency helps keep your loved one with autism feeling safe. And when they feel safe, they are better able to focus and more likely to try out new things.

We hope this entry helped! For more like these, please check back next time.

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