Ways to Prevent Loneliness Among Our Elderly Loved Ones


One of the biggest lessons of the pandemic is how isolation has detrimental effects on our mental health and that certain populations are at a greater risk for this than others.

This is especially true for our senior loved ones who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as they also have to consider their condition and how it impairs their ability to function typically in social settings.

Fortunately, you can help minimize this risk. Here are some tips we use ourselves at Magellan Residential Care, Inc, our residential care in Perris, California:

  • Discover the root cause of their loneliness
    Your loved one can still feel lonely while being with other people so be sure to check on them.
  • Address their physical discomfort first
    As a provider of disability care in California, we know that pain and discomfort can make even the most cheerful of our senior loved ones to be in a bad mood or throw a tantrum. In addition, health concerns can make them feel insecure and lead them to disconnect themselves.
  • Consider an adult residential care for them
    Respite care, or having a care professional to take over your caregiving duties, is a good option, too. But a residential care facility is the better option when they need a more socially conducive environment. Here they have more opportunities to connect with their peers than at home.

Our residential home offers a more social environment for them. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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