Quick Meal Preparation Tips for Picky Seniors

Quick Meal Preparation Tips for Picky Seniors

Are your senior loved ones becoming picky eaters? Whether grocery shopping or cooking may be too difficult or eating alone decreases their appetite, most adults become picky eaters as they age. Encourage seniors to eat well and healthy with these tips below.

  • Write down your plan.
    Make a meal plan for the whole week and don’t forget to write it down, so you can prepare your meals easily. Caregivers that provide adult care can assist with meal and snack preparation to ensure that meals are prepared and monitored properly.
  • Prepare meals with others.
    Add fun and make meals more appealing for seniors by involving more people in the process. Healthy meals keep seniors active and sustain their daily energy. If seniors couldn’t join the preparation committee, make sure to involve them by providing disability care in California while encouraging them to suggest foods that they would love to enjoy for the whole week.
  • Make the ingredients simple.
    It’s easy to lose appetite, especially when the foods on the table consist of unfamiliar and complicated ingredients. Plan alternate dishes for the week and make sure to cook something simple but palatable enough that will encourage seniors to eat and enjoy. Respite care provides an opportunity for the whole family to spend time together and enjoy nutritious foods everyday.

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