Tips to Prevent Malnutrition in Seniors

Tips to Prevent Malnutrition in Seniors

Good nutrition is fundamental in preventing malnutrition, especially for your senior loved ones. Malnutrition leads to several illnesses, including a weak immune system, poor wound healing, muscle weakness, reduced bone mass, and more. Take care of your elderly loved ones and encourage them to stay healthy with these simple tips below.

  • Prepare meal plans.
    Meal plans will make eating healthy easier for your senior loved ones. Consult a nutritionist to seek professional assistance in planning the best food choices for your loved one. Also, adult care providers can assist with preparing meals or shopping for healthy ingredients.
  • Promote physical activities.
    Regular exercise stimulates hunger and increases appetite. As your senior loved ones are vulnerable to accidents, exercise helps strengthen bones and muscles to prevent tripping and falling accidents at home. For those with limited mobility, our disability care in California helps them accomplish simple exercises within their strength and capability.
  • Make mealtime fun and engaging.
    Some seniors become picky eaters when they eat alone. Make mealtime more interesting for them by making small talk while eating. Talk about their interests, introduce a new hobby to them, or reminisce good old memories you think will entertain them while eating. If you are too busy, you can take advantage of respite care to have someone join your seniors in their mealtimes.

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