ASD: Choosing Colors for Their Environment

ASD: Choosing Colors for Their Environment

People with autism spectrum disorder have some anomalies in their eye structure. The chemical imbalances and neural deficits result in changes in their rod and cones. This is why the use of color is still quite important when you’re designing your loved one’s environment. Even our adult homes take special care to choose the right shades to paint some of our rooms.

A plain white wall can be calming to patients with an autism spectrum disorder, but it’s not the only color you can paint their walls with. You can actually have room for a bit of fun and creativity when choosing the colors for your loved one’s room – given that these colors are pleasing to the eyes of someone with ASD. You will find that some of the rooms here at Magellan Residential Care are painted in duller or cooler colors to cater to our clients with ASD.

Colors like blue and green have been found to be soothing for the eyes, while pink is nominated as a favorite color among people with ASD. You can have a few bright colors, but limit those to their toys. Warm tones may be pleasing for someone without ASD but can bring about tantrums and even pain to those who do. We’re always mindful of the items we store in our residential care in Perris, California to make our clients feel more comfortable.

You’re free to check out our disability care in California for interior inspiration for your loved one. We’re also happy to offer you more tips and tricks to caring for someone with ASD.

If you need help at home, our respite care is readily available. All you have to do is give us a call. Dial 951-238-1008 to set an appointment.

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