Selecting Activities for Nonverbal Autistic Adults

Selecting Activities for Nonverbal Autistic Adults

Studies show that as many as one in three people who have the autism spectrum have difficulty communicating verbally. But don’t think that just because they need adult care, they are unable to speak for themselves. It is just a matter of finding the right activities to do together that will help them communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Magellan Residential Care is here to give you a few tips you can use when selecting a safe, supportive, and bonding activity to do with your loved one under residential care in Perris, California.

  • Their interests.
    Choose activities that your loved one is interested in. This way, your loved one will be more than willing to join since you will be doing something that revolves around what they like.
  • Consider your loved one’s abilities.
    Taking note of your loved one’s abilities helps you choose the perfect activity that will not only be fun for your loved one but also makes them feel accomplished.
  • Ask their opinion.
    Even if they can’t verbally communicate well, they can still have a say about what they want to do. Take time to listen to them.
  • Provide support.
    Sometimes your presence and a little bit of help are enough to make your loved one feel supported and enables them to enjoy whatever activity they’re participating in.

Our caregivers who work under disability care in California often use these techniques even when doing the simplest things. We always make sure that our clients feel independent and heard.

If you are your loved one primary caregiver and are looking for a small break from your roll, our respite care services are here for you. Dial 951-238-1008 now!

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